Can Wappler Write JSON, I Know It Can Read It

Hey everyone,

I was looking on the forum but didn’t see this question asked. Is it possible to create json with wappler? What I’d like to do is store json data directly within sql server then with a single sql query get access to that json data.

It’s a great way to store user, or project data without having to create a column in the DB for every foreseeable option, a user/project can have in this system I’m building.

I know wappler can read json, just wasn’t sure if I’m missing something in it creating it.

Thank you for all your hard work.

You can write your options in table like a,b,c,d
And you must try all wappler functions (formatter /join ) because you will not need to “json write to db” .

Thanks for the response. I’ll look at the Join… I want to write the json so it’s stored in the DB… ie a row in the DB has config options that are different for each row. and I can easily do a query of the db get the config column and use the options for that particular client. Client A is a Video Client, which has different options than Client B, who is a Music Artist or Client C. who is a Music Producer.

It’s a way to prepare for utilizing graph database options in the future.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Is this what PREVIEW: Using JSON Database Fields to Store Multiple Choices makes possible? I need to store complex, unique settings for a lot of records and I was thinking to do it with JSON fields.

You can read the article below. I think it will help.