Can Wappler do this? Feed from Existing Website?

I have a potential client on WIX (ugh). Not responsive and no php access. Can you use Wappler just to feed content from the WIX site? Most pages are html pages, and contact info… Maybe a blog that updates…

Watching the intro videos and looking at the how to files, I’m not sure I see anything in that category.

With Wix being so proprietary I doubt you would have any success. You certainly would not be able to do any of the dynamic stuff as they require a server side technology such as PHP or ASP.

The bigger question is what makes them so tied to Wix.

Trying to add Wappler features to a Wix site would be the same as trying to add a Porsche engine to a Volkswagon.


Hello Jeff,
I don’t think wix provide any feed or access to the code, more it is a plain HTML page.
You just better build the pages using Wappler.

thanks guys. Well, they want an app. They want to be able to update the pages on the website and have the new info displayed on the app. So, you don’t see a way to do that with the app?
I don’t know if they are tied to WIX, but I think it is because the staff, non-tech, are doing the updates.

Hi Jefferis,

As mentioned in previous answer from Teodor and brad, the problem is not Wappler but Wix that will not give you access to the code or live feed.
But they do provide “My Mobile App” that turn a Wix web site into a mobile app and changes made on the site are automatically updated in the app.

Sure you might lose a client but you may also offer them to do the work for some $$$ if they are not comfortable - like many Wix users - dealing with the technical part of turning their site into a mobile app from the Wix console :slight_smile:

Hope this help


thanks… somehow they were paying some company $200 a month for a mobile app. I am wondering if they were manually updating !
I have sent on your post to the client.

…$200 a month? Wow I should check for that it look like I can make lot more money then what I am doing now lol

I am curious about how that company may handle the updates…

I don’t know the company. Echurch or something

Hmm @brad. It is actually quite easy to add a Porsche engine to a volkswagon beetle. I had an Original VW 1500 with a Porsche 914 engine in it (when I was young, long, long time ago). But that is off topic.

Maybe you can use to extract the data from the Wix site and use it with Wappler.