Can Wappler create pages similar to webflow


Can Wappler created websites similar to what Webflow can do (animations and Layout)


Thank you

Hi @lockettdown, yes of course these are just on scroll animations - you can find the animation settings tutorials here: Using Animations

I have a rookie question that I can’t find an answer to. how can I overlay text on an image. I’ve looked through the Docs and I can’t find anything. How can I move text?and I don’t mean the align left, center, and right.

You just need to add the image as a background image to a bootstrap 4 column for example, see:

Yes, with less (read: no) validation errors as shown here

Forgot to mention that we have a new Design Panel in working - they you can already use if you enable the experimental features in the Global options / System

There you can simply enter:


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