Can Wappler convert / import a webarchive file into a wappler project

I was looking at the cool Travel Blog with Lazy Load and I wanted to set it up in my local wappler as a project to play around with it - that helps me learn. I downloaded it as a webarchive and I can open it with Safari but I don’t see a way to import it into Wappler as a project. Is this possible?

If not, is there a way for me to get a copy of that site on my machine as a working Wappler project so I can mess around with it to try things and learn?

Thanks for any help with my questions…

Hi Norm, what is webarchive? Just open the page source in your browser and copy what you need :slight_smile:

Webarchive is a file that the Safari web browser can create and download. Then Safari can use it to run the web site locally w/o an internet connection (within Safari). Not as common on PCs but webarchives can be converted for use on PCs by MS Word (I think).

I tried just opening the page source and did a copy and paste but none of the formatting or images or all the junk in all the folders on the online web site comes with it so the page does not work / look the same.

Trying to figure out is there is a way to grab everything and pull it into a local project and have it look / work the same as the live online site?

Just copy the source and download the CSS and images manually in your Wappler project.
There is only one custom CSS file here as long as I remember and you can right click and download images or use your own…
The rest of the scripts on the page are created by Wappler.

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OK, thanks - I will try that and see if I can get it to work :smiley:

Maybe download project as zip for the showcases is a nice option to have @Teodor

Yes webarchive or “html options when saving a page is a bad choice as it rewrites all the links.


I do have it working, interesting that Safari changes some of the folder structure names when I view it online, looking at the errors I could see what needed to be changed.

Learned a lot in 10 min. looking at the code - so perfect, reads like a song (when I look at my code it is more like the sound of a train crash vice a song) :smiley:

PS. it would be very helpful (at least for me) to have zips of the showcases somehow available for download - learning is better / quicker when I can mess with something that works and is done correctly…


That just made me laugh out loud! Good job no-one was around :smile: and sounds so much like my way of working.

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