Can"t get Wappler 4.0.4 to connect to GitHub

Following Wappler documentation & reading Forum reports about problems getting Wappler to connect to a Github I must post I"m at a standstill.

In my GitHub repository online Wappler IS given all permissions to access my repository.

I"ve given Full control of private repositories to Wappler.
I added the public key I created to my repository in the Wappler target setup but still generate an error like this when Wappler tries connecting

Verify public key failed for Mywapplerkey key is invalid. You must supply a key in OpenSSH public key format in [unknown repo]

Fingerprint SHA256:

I give the gihub url and username and keep getting a failed connection due to “INVALID URL”

Now I have a clue–

You don’t really have to use keys with github - we have already browser oauth2 authentication in place.

Make sure you follow:

I definitely started with these instructions, George.

I can see that Wappler did connect with my account and there was a record of the first commit only when I log in with my browser or desktop GitHub.

However, the process on my side from the very moment of creating a new project just tells me every time that the URL I am using to connect with my gitHub account is “INVALID”

So when Wappler evidently makes a connection it never happens with a confirmation – no matter how I’ve tried to make a VALID connection Wappler Reports it as an Invalid URL. YET I must go through this silly process over and over. Later the one confirmation of a connection shows up at the top of the panel.

And because it is always invalid it never SAVES this connection in my project.

Which Wappler connection file stores this GitHub connection configuration?

And now I enclose a screen shot that shows that the COMMIT CHANGE button at the bottom of the Wappler Tutorial screenshot NO LONGER appears with a long list of files. I am scrolled down to where it stops showing files. No Button to Commit these changes appears.

This is a BUG. Several Wappler menu items over the years disappear on a laptop screen. I’m on a 16" Mac screen

I"ve gone through every possible step to uninstall Homebrew with the terminal script then using my permissions in Finder to Trash all Homebrew folders with scripts. And restarted.

However, Wappler keeps pulling up the “Want to install Homebrew first?” twice in a row when I try to provision a new Node.js project.

I did reinstall Node.js the “most recomended way” for Mac in the meantime.