Can someone please show you how to log in with FaceBook

I would like more information about API and Auth2

The current OAuth2 integration is more meant to call API actions at the various services.

Social logins is a bit different topic.

What do you want to do with login for facebook?

You can also follow the Facebook workflow:

It is already possible now with OAuth2 and the API Connector in Wappler.

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Thanks Geoge
I would like to see tutorials in video or text explaining how to use OAuth2.

Before when an extension was released it came with videos teaching how to use.

HI @alsdigital
With all the different oauth2 providers it is too specific for each of them.
I am afraid we cannot cover all the use cases explained in their docs. However in the next days I will try to cover the basic use cases.
What exactly would you like to achieve in this case? Can you explain step by step what the desired result is?


Login with facebook


I really need a step by step explanation of what you expect to happen, when the button is clicked and actions should follow the oauth2 authorization?
Like how do you handle the accounts on your part? What data do you save, how, where?

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usually you use social logins just for quicker account creation to your site.

So you already have to have full blown account creation and management on your site and you can add login with Facebook / google to just auto get profile info like name and email.

From there you still need to create workflow actions of what to do with that info: if it is an existing account - bind it to it. If the account does not exist - create a new one and bind it.

So getting social user profile is just a small step in a large complicated account creation and management workflow.


@George So I want to attempt doing the quicker account creation with Facebook and oauth. I want the user’s Name, Surname and email + token.

From what I read above I will be able to do it using just Wappler’s oauth functions?

I already have normal account creation and my db in place.

Just do not want to attempt this with Wappler and it requires loads of custom code. So that is why I am just asking for confirmation :slight_smile:

Yes that is why the oath2 module is for so you don’t have to code it. And we have Facebook in it as option.

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