Can one Setup URL Route or Redirect in Wappler without using Routing (Alt+R)

I see a /home but I don’t have a “home” directory path, but I only have home.php.
How can see all the redirect or routing paths setup in a wappler project.
I understand you can have some within page routing for SPA.
I see paths such as /home/pay/success, see that these are routes not actual file or directory path.
How can I recreate lost or missing routes.json file normally stored under .wappler folder.
Can it be recreated from .htaccess file?
The wappler project was moved to another computer using Linux server files.

I mean when the routes or routing are not defined or created in Routing (Alt+R) Wappler main menu.

Have you had a look at

Hi Ben, thanks for reply.
My problem is that somebody created a wappler project and did not give the project files, but asked me to copy the files to setup Wappler project from the ftp server files. I did that, but for some reason the .htaccess file was not copied. So I later copied the .htaccess file which contains routes and redirects for the project. My problem now is how to get the .htaccess file I copied to my project root on my Windows computer to show up under Server Connect Routes (Alt+R) in Wappler GUI.

The UI is not reading the htaccess directly. It reads a file called routes.json located in the hidden .wappler folder in your project root

Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 15.19.48

So ask the guy who created the site to send it to you, so you can put it in your local site folder.