Can my app be a mobile share target?


I’m completely new to Wappler. I am considering using it to do a MVP

It seems to have an impressive feature set. But there is one feature I need I have not managed to find:

I want to build an app with Wappler that can be used by other apps as a mobile share target, i.e, be capable of receiving links, audio, photos or any media from other apps running on the user’s mobile device such as whatsapp or instagram.

In more detail. When you select an item in a third party app (e.g. whatsapp) and select SHARE, the mobile OS will open a panel showing other installed apps that can be selected as share targets for the type of data. I want to see my app listed as a share target for different types of data/media. And when my app is selected, a specific screen should open allow the user to select a destination within my app.

Is this possible in Wappler?


this is not related with wappler …
if you can find javascript library of course you can use with wappler .

I can use the Web Share API in js, but my mobile app needs to support different URL invocations to be initiated accordingly and make available the shared data.

So I guess Wappler could provide some plugin to make this easy or at least Boilerplate code to handle this correctly. Is there any support in Wappler for mobile sharing? If I am not wrong other no-code tools like Bubble have plugins for this…

Sorry, Wappler doesn’t have ‘plug in’ for this.

At the moment Wappler doesn’t support plugins at all. Would be interesting if that’s ever added in the future so third-parties can create new features.

Well this is actually done at system level and has not much to do with Wappler. You just setup so called “custom URL scheme” that will register a name of choice for your app to be opened with.

So for example you register “mygreatapp”. And then all links from other apps that start with mygreatapp:// Will be opened by your app and the link data will be passed to your app so you can do whatever you want with it.

As for the mobile development we are using Cordova, you can use a plugin for that:

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Thanks @George

Glad to hear there is a way to handle this in Wappler.