CAN I use wappler to build a magazine reading site?

I am looking at something like this.

With all the great thing said about Wappler in less than 6 months, I am really hoping It can build something like the above.

you can do better. :+1:

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He need a custom reader other than that i think you can.

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ohh do you want to create reader … not web page

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Great and thanks for the quick reply. I will come be back with some questions.
Would be very grateful for some links to document readers.

a million thanks

I want to create the website.

  1. Magazine upload
  2. Publication
  3. Visitors Should see document properties in front end.
  4. Click and Read in Document reader.
  5. Add a ny document to their shelves

Yes sure you can build something like this and even better!
So make a list indeed of the features you really want to see and we can answer more specifically.

Fun fact: Wappler is also mentioned in one of the magazines in issuu: :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot George. A client of mine wants something exactly like issuu to sell publications. So for a start, Lets just say my intention is to have copy (of course with better features as you put it) of issuu.

and how is the magazine contents available? Just scanned pages as images? Or is it PDF?
Do you actually want just an online page flipper?

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The files will be in PDF.

hAHAHAHAH… Do I just want an online page flipper:rofl::rofl: NO.
The files will be in PDF. I need to think about all the features I can possibly add to enhance this.
I asked because the client specifically referred me to ISSUU. But I now that I know Wappler can knock this out with a better upper cut, I am beginning to get many ideas.

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