Can I use two databases in my app?


I’m going to build an app that has multiple device types (mobile, desktop, browser).

I want to store certain types of data on the user’s computer/mobile device (e.g. emails) for security reason. I also want to have “share data” stored in the cloud.

Is it possible to have this separation in Wappler?


Yes, it certainly is possible to have multiple databases. The catch is that I believe the server action can only be connected to one database. But you can certainly have as many databases as you like.

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You can have as many databases as you want - with all different connections.

@brad even in one server action you can have multiple connections to different databases. That is why for each query you select which db connection to use.


Yes, I used the wrong wording. I meant query - not action.


Thanks gents! We need a “Solved” checkbox. :slight_smile: