Can I manipulate a variable set in a Server Action?

My Server Action creates a variable called ‘sd_set’ and it looks like this in DevTools…

(3) [{…}, {…}, {…}]
		varsplit_sd_id: "4"
		varsplit_sd_name: "Bumper P.D.C Sensors - basic"
		varsplit_sd_value: "3"
		__proto__: Object
		varsplit_sd_id: "5"
		varsplit_sd_name: "Bumper P.D.C Sensors - medium"
		varsplit_sd_value: "4"
		__proto__: Object
		varsplit_sd_id: "8"
		varsplit_sd_name: "Decal Wrap - per panel"
		varsplit_sd_value: "2"
		__proto__: Object
	length: 3
	__proto__: Array(0)

Is there a way to manipulate the data in this variable in the same way you can with a Data Store?

Can I add, remove or manipulate an object within this variable?

And here is the Server Action that created it…


Also, should the objects be set as Global when setting their value in the Server Action?