Can I build a dead simple Android App in 2 days?

Hi everyone here :slight_smile:
I`ve just stumble on last nite following a comment on Quora, it seems a quite interesting option to build Dynamic Websites !
…now my question is :
Could I produce a dead simple Android App that can Add/delete/modify a list of records in “as less time as possible”…?

Anyone has done this process yet. I am asking since I havent found on Youtube Wappler Chain any Tutorial video on that “Native App making” process… most only on the Dynmic Website building.

…This simple project would be done in order to figure out :

  1. "how complex and
  2. How much time consuming"
    …would be the production of a targeted Native App for Android (beside the equivalent website making)

Can Wappler build the native App directly from an existing Wappler Website pages - using the same Database connections, queries, etc…or is this two distinct building operation one would have to replicate ?
Tks for your lighting on this matter !


Hi there and welcome to Wappler!

Yes you can do all this with Wappler indeed.

Make sure you check out the docs about creating mobile apps and also Database connectivity.

It is pretty easy indeed to setup an Android App that is fed with database records. You can create in Wappler a API website that will manage the database access for the App.

Btw the App will work just as fine on iOS as well as we support Framework7 to build hybrid Apps and those look great on iOS as native ones and on Android as well.

Thanks george,
sounds good so far, I ll be checking your link to docs, thanks.
I m about to download this framework7 - new to me -
I guess the version [v3.6.5] is one of the latest “Stable and supported” by Wappler, is this correct ?
thks again

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you don’t have to download Framework7
it comes with wappler

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Ok, I ve been going through more reading, so, can I even build a sample Android APP with my Trial version of Wappler or do I have to buy the Pro version first ?

The trial version is fully functional and offers all the options available in the subscription plan you selected.

…well, I ll give it a try today. See how it goes.

Actualy one cannot buid and App with the free version :slight_smile:
following theses steps...

I get to a point where I have to include Framework7 on an html page ...and the Editor only let you use the App Structure feature if you are already using a Pro Version of Wappler !!!
?...or can I go arround this limitation ?

As I explained, the trial offers everything that the license you selected features.
Which version did you select when you signed up for a trial?
NOTE: if you are using the “Free Community Version” this is not a trial, but the free Wappler version which does not include any of the basic or pro features.
If you want you can upgrade to PRO and start a trial. You won’t be charged by the end of trial and you can cancel it before it ends.

So much for me, I though the Free one was the only Trial version…

No, the free version is the free version.
The trial starts once you select a plan and subscribe.
As explained, you won’t be charged until the trial ends.

Ok; thanks teodor

Does someone offers any link to dowload some Wappler-made Apps …meanwhile ?