Can Bootstrap 4 be used for mobile apps?

I am finding Framework7 very difficult to work with (my own lack of knowledge working with it most likely). I am much more comfortable with Bootstrap. Will it work for iOS and Android Apps?

well sure you can use Bootstrap 4 as well. It will just look like a responsive web site on your phone.
While Framework7 really looks like a native app. Specially designed for iOS with native look and feel and Android with Material Design look

Use framework7
Its really great looking and have better features for mobile than bootstrap.

Its been about 4 or 5 years since I last built an app using Framework7 as I only build apps for the company I work. It seemed easy back then. So either Wappler doesn't make it very intuitive or I have become stupider. Probably the second option as I can't figure out how to do a single thing with Framework7. :frowning:

I'll explore further.

Does it have table, paging or form generator? i need them in F7...