Can an existing Wappler project be ported / converted to a Wappler mobile project?


Just wondering - I have an existing Wappler project that is working great - is it possible to convert it (with a button press) to a mobile application for IOS or android – or is that impossible w/o a lot of rework because of the UI differences?

Inquiring minds want to know :slight_smile:


Unfortunately there is no magic button and apps work much differently than websites. So, basically, you start back at square one.

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That is what I figured - could not find a good .gif of a balloon deflating but everyone can use their imagination :slight_smile:

PS. Maybe someday - in version 3.0

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Can you suggest where to find a very general overview of creating apps in Wappler - for someone who has very little idea what they are? I know there are a few entries in the Wappler docs, but these are mainly about setting things up.

Should I start looking at Framework7’s site or some DMX videos perhaps? I’m just curious. I don’t even know if they can be dynamic or are only static. I would be grateful for any pointers - thanks.


Yeah, I think the App docs on Wappler are a bit behind. Learning Framework 7 is a definite plus. You can have dynamic apps as well as static apps.

I think if you follow the getting started tutorials and know a bit about FW7 the workflow should be very similar to websites.

Disclaimer: Although I have built a couple apps with the DMXZone DW Extensions I am not smart enough to figure it out in Wappler. :roll_eyes:


I made this in about 5 min. but I had to download and update a bunch of stuff to get it going - that part took hours. (1.2 MB)

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You are further ahead than me. Haha …


Thanks @brad - and @norcoscia. I’ll play around with it some time and see what happens. I suppose if you have some understanding of Wappler generally, it will probably make sense.