Calling Server Action From curl - How Do I Specify Username and Password?

I am creating a crontab to execute a GET server action which is protected by a username and password based security provider. The crontab will execute a curl to do this.

What curl syntax do I need for specifying the username and password?


If being called from another server action, I would be calling crontab_test.php like this:


Actually, what would be even better is if I can just run the PHP file locally from on the server rather than via the HTTP path, so to say something like:

php /var/www/html/dmxConnect/api/some_file.php WHAT_LOGIN_OPTIONS_HERE?

Is this calling an external providers API? Typically they will have documentation on how to authenticate, and usually a username/password is applied in the header as
Authorization | Bearer(or other) apikey/username:password (encored) or other…

No, it is calling a Wappler Server Action… hence I need to know the Wappler way! :slight_smile:

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I think this will help you:

One way would be with the GET vars like this:


This one does…

using the -u username:password syntax.

Thanks @pheaxx!

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