Calling Framework7 function

Morning and a happy new year.

I am trying to call Framework7 functions via JS .

When I try and do a call like app.f7function I get not a not found error.

Cannot read property 'create' of undefined

If I try and include an app.js file for F7 it says Framework7 already defined.

What is it defined as? how do I call F7 functions?


To add this: I want to be able to have access to this:

// Init App
var app = new Framework7({
  id: '',
  root: '#app',
  theme: 'md',
  statusbarOverlay: true

To set my own settings like turn off material design completely.

If you use Framework7 with App Connect - you should find all the settings in the App root property.

Not sure if you choose to have iOS or material design only as setting but we can add it if desired.

Being able to specify will be great as my clients don’t want material design.

Also in regards to the first question. How would I be able to call the Framework7 autocomplete or is there a way using the Wappler autocomplete to have a user enter a custom value if their choice is not in the dropdown list?

Btw material design is used only if your app is opened on Android device so it fits more with the native design.

If opened on Apple device the iOS theme is always used.