Call a Stored Procedure from Custom Query Builder in SQL

I am trying to call a stored procedure that I didn’t write. It passes one variable in as @WorkOrderPK. I’m trying to figure out the correct parameters to pass this?

This is the SQL stored Procedure I am trying to attach to. I should just be able to call it and pass the variable or am I wrong?

On another post I saw what looks similar to what I need to be doing.

Any help would be awesome. This procedure is super long and would take a while to just reproduce it through action scripts.

current attempt it gives me an ‘operation is not allowed when the object is closed’ error

Have you tried without the braces surrounding everything? Those are not needed.

EDIT: just noticed your asp comment in another note…I’ve only used mysql/mariadb so not sure the syntax is the same for anything else.

yeah I tried with and without. I’ve tried every syntax my little brain can come up with.

My current attempts…

Browser error will give me this:

fileName: "modules/dbupdater.asp"
lineNumber: 115
message: "Operation is not allowed when the object is closed."

If I pick the Debug option then I get this in the browser…


Anyone any ideas? @george @teodor @patrick