Calendar, moving a recurring event instance

Hey everyone,

I’ve been getting to know the awesome Calendar and have a question on how to handle something.

Just like any calendar, one could have a recurring daily event which is straightforward enough. A single event is created with a few recurring parameters such as Repeat (day of the week) and the recurrence start/end dates/times.

The thing I’m not sure how to handle when you want to move a single instance of the recurring event to a new time slot.

For example, let’s say you have a daily event on your calendar for “Lunch” everyday at noon local time. This event appears on the calendar everyday at noon for let’s say 3 months.

Let’s say you want to move one of the events to 1 pm one day.

Given that there’s only a single event with the recurring parameters, how would you go about moving a single event to a new time slot?

I thought about using an exception type of approach where if the new date/time is different from the recurring, I can create a new event. However, this still leaves the original recurring event visible on the calendar.

Would love to hear your ideas.

P.S. Makes you appreciate the deceptively simple Google Cal/other calendar apps so much more!