Calendar how would you add a repeat step for same event multiple times

With the awesome Calendar (Thanks Guys) I need to put an option for repeating the event either weekly, every other week, every 3 weeks. etc
I am assuming that a repeat in action steps would do this, however the question I have is how would you get the date of the last entry to make sure the plus (x weeks) is added correctly.

Hope someone can help

Hi @gunnery, were you able to find a method to repeat events at regular intervals? I’m working with the in-built calendar at the moment and I can’t see where I can add detailed information for each event to recur a specific number of times and at regular intervals. I can only add recurring Start and End dates and these options don’t work correctly for recurring events set to repeat at a regular interval.

Hi, simple way I did it was two input fields.

  1. Amount of times to repeat
  2. (Select) frequency
    Then just add a repeat in the server action if the repeat sends a value.
    To have this to show only when repeat event was selected I just used a show/hide on the form.

Thanks Peter. I will try it out.