Calendar days of the weeks on occurring event

Can anyone help me here? I have tried 0 to 6; and Monday through Sunday. It s not working. I m not sure what value to expect in this field anymore.

Wappler uses FullCalendar so if you get stuck like this you can always look at the FullCalendar documentation.

daysOfWeek The days of the week this event repeats. An array of integers. Each integer represents a day-of-week, with 0 signifying Sunday, 1 signifying Monday, etc. For example, [ 2, 4 ] means an event repeats every Tuesday and Thursday. If omitted, the event is assumed to repeat every day .

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Perfect!! Thank you

Quick help,

I have been trying to add a dynamic content as array: It is not working so far: I tried DaysOfWeek[0].Day which is giving me the first day in the database. I wanted to dynamically write days of week. However, it is not working on my favor. I tried DaysOfWeek.Day - this option is giving me all the days of the week even the one not in the database.

Hope someone can point me to the right direction.

Hello @George,

I have been spending time trying to see what is wrong with the Calendar days of the week section: I cannot add a dynamic element to it.

I have three days in the database. It renders on the page but not in the calendar.

When I manually enter the value in the calendar - it works. However, I tried screenshot 2, and 3 nothing.

Here is the full Calendar option:

Maybe I missed something.
Help me here please.

Thank you

I believe it should be just an array of day numbers, you pass it an array with objects, you will need to format it correctly first. try DaysOfWeek.values('Day').

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Thank you 1000 times. It works.