Bulk Email sender with API

I want to integrate a bulk mailer into my new startup site.

Any recommendations where I can use an API or other method to send my server connect data to to be mailed to hundreds and hopefully eventually thousands of people?

I want to generate the mail body and send to a service that will safely mail out. subscription management Integration with my db would be a plus.

Thanks in advance.

If you’re looking to send newsletters and marketing mail, why not link up MailChimp with the Mailer server action and use the SMTP credentials they give you?

Wappler lets you enter your own HTML body content using the Send Mail function.

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How does this pass over the emails to mail chimp, as I’ve noticed when I do it through our normal mail servers, you have to keep the page open until all emails are sent, otherwise they won’t send.
Do you know of a way it can be 1 click then its all done with our having to stay one the page ?

The fastest way to set this up is with the SMTP details MailChimp give you. They would handle the message delivery in an automated queue on their servers as soon as you complete the Send Mail function in Wappler. Is this what you mean?

ok but how would the email address be sent over.
For example, I have a database with members and their contact details.
If I want to send a bulk email out to all members then I would like to lay out the email and click send.
At the moment it is done in a (query - repeat - sendmail) action, but the issue I am finding is I have to stay on that page until all emails are sent, otherwise they don’t send. I assume this is because its client side.

This is what I looking to improve.

Someone else may have to correct me but I believe that the server action should complete without needing to stay on the page.

The other way is to utilise lists on MailChimp via the API. When creating a new member record in your database you could also add them to your MailChimp list…

POST /lists/{list_id}/members

You can then either control your mail shots within the MailChimp GUI, or use their API again to setup a Campaign and Send it to all members in the list

POST /campaigns/{campaign_id}/actions/send

Most mail providers recommend using their API over an SMTP connection, mainly for speed and consistency when sending a large amount of messages at one time.

You are correct, it does send when its closed. Obviously I must of had something wrong with the code previously.

SO I have just done a couple of test and it looks like if there is an error in the email address then it stops the action. Do you know of a way for it to continue if there is a bad email, without it stopping mailing?
This mailer only needs to send out about 400 emails so it not that big.

Can you show a screenshot of your server action?


@gunnery, what do you mean by this ?

If you mean that the email address in the database is not formatted properly such as test @test.com (note space before the @), what I would recommend is to do an integrity check on the data in your database. I am not sure how best to go about that, but if there are only about 400 emails, then you should be able to manually go through to ensure that the emails are formatted properly.

If it is just a bad email address or one that is no longer valid, I do not think it would stop the mailer from executing. But, I would recommend email validation and confirmation in your email sign up.

I’m not sure Regex on Server Side has been implemented yet. You could do a client side validation when you enter the member in to your database so that the values should be correct when running the send mail steps.

Other option to try is run the validator server side first and then run the successful email addresses through the send mail step.