Bug when binding data

Wappler Version : 2.4.3
Operating System : Linux

Expected behavior

Be able to bind data on a paragraph component by choosing it from the lighting bolt icon.

Actual behavior

Click inside the paragraph component. Click on the lightning bolt icon. Select the data to bind. Click ok. Click enter on keyboard. Component remains highlighted until after a page refresh. After page refresh, the previously selected binding will not have “stuck”. However, after the refresh, repeating the same process a second time will be successful.

Yes sometines binding fail In design view or in general as I mentioned here

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After selecting the field to bind, I can’t come out of the highlighted area as well. What I do is - I select some other element on the app structure, then double click inside the para highlighted area (on design view), and click the “enter” button. Just a workaround until it’s fixed!

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we are going to check what causes this :slight_smile: