Bug Report - Font awesome showing frame work needed, but it is already there

Wappler Version : 2.3.1
Operating System : Mac Catalina

Expected behavior

When you add a icon to a button you should be able to move it to prefix

Actual behavior

You select prefix and it does not move it, if you try and change the icon, it tell you the framework is needed, but it is already active.

How to reproduce

Not 100% sure as it was working fine all day and has only just started happening - tried restarting wappler but still an issue - See video
font-awsome.mov (36.5 MB)

I encountered lots of bugs with this version, was busy, and too tired to report. I feel like using beta product. I wonder if they have standard like checklist before finalise the update…

The guys rely on our feedback, so the more feedback that is given the better.
You can always turn off the Experimental to avoid the issues. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have it turned off all the time, but I still encounter bugs and already get used to it. I’m a freelance and doing development part time, so I don’t have a lavish time to test and report stuffs. Reporting bugs just kills my momentum to work. I’m fully understand that they run with limited staffs and mostly depend on users’ feedbacks to improve the product.

The more feedback they get the better to make the perfect product. It’s with taking 5 mins to do it, to make it better for all. I know how you feel time wise I’m the same.

The way I look at it is that it could be worse we could still be having to use Dreamweaver. Which IS as buggy as hell ! :wink:

Alrighy. Cheers mate, and sorry to spamming your post. :pray::v:

Note: I also encountered the same issue as yours + other related issues, what I did was removing the framework and add it again. And then refreshing the panel few times, because I already have lower expectation that that guy is responsive and reliable.

This has been fixed in Wappler 2.3.3

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