Bug in smooth scroll?

Wappler Version : v6 beta 9
Operating System :win 11
Server Model: Nodejs
Database Type:mysql
Hosting Type:local wappler nodejs

Expected behavior

should scroll to position id #scrolltothis

Actual behavior

It does not scroll but wrights “#scrolltothis” to the end of “localhost:3000/”
so it reads “localhost:3000/#scrolltothis

How to reproduce

Just put scroll. goto in an action.
Scroll.goto worked before install of beta 9

Can you test the following version: dmxSmoothScroll.zip (12.0 KB)

That code worked but the scroll is very fast to the buttom and then goes up to the right position. And that last scroll is slow.

We use 3rd party code for the smoothscroll which has been updated to the latest version. It has some new options and it seems that the defaults changed of the existing options that weren’t mentioned in the docs.

Here a new update: dmxSmoothScroll.js.zip (12.0 KB)

In modern browsers Smooth scroll is not really needed since the browsers already support it themselves

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Could this be included in this weeks release? :slight_smile:

The update was already released last week as inline update.