Bug in Server Connect -> Folder to Zip (Recursive)

Wappler Version: 2.2.4
Operating System: Windows 10

Expected behavior

The zipped folder should have the same folder structure as the original folder

Actual behavior

In addition to the correct folder structure that is being zipped, empty folders are created on the root of the zip file as in the below picture:

How to reproduce

  • Reproduce the folder structure above on your file system as in the picture
  • Use Server Connect -> Folder to Zip (Recursive on)
  • Retrieve the file, unzip it and open it

Which Server Model do you use, PHP, ASP or .NET?

I use PHP 7.3

Please test the following file, replace the file at dmxConnectLib/lib/zip/Processor.php.

Processor.zip (1.0 KB)

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It is working great now, thank you @patrick
It will be part of next Thursday’s update, correct?

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