Bug in Database update query/ Bootstrap forms?

I previously created an update query (named apupdate). Since then I have changed some database table names and deleted some. I have unlinked and re-linked the the connection and the database update options in server connect now appear ok.
When i then add a bootstrap form there are 10 additional fields at the end of the form, some i have deleted and some since renamed.
I investigated the the relevant apupdate.php file and see these “extra” fields appear in the “meta” “$_POST” section of the file although the query within it is correct and does not have the additional fields.
Am i missing something regarding regenerating the “meta” data of could this be a bug?

I have also come across situations where database schema changes don’t appear in Wappler - even if your restart etc…

What seems to work reliably is clicking ‘Connection Options’ and then the ‘Test Connection’ button. A message about querying the database appears; I expect Wappler updates the schema at this point and stores it somewhere etc…

You need to regenerate the database connection in order for database connector to be able to see new tables.
This can easily be done by opening the database connection step in the action file and click OK. Then save the action file.

As for POST vars - of course they won’t be deleted automatically. This can cause serious issues if you manually created them and need them in your server action. You should delete them when they are not needed. The generator relies on POST vars to create your form.

I had already done the test connection bit and everything synchronised properly, it was the POST vars that i was referring to. I tried deletion via the BS form generator but they didn’t get removed from the file. Only way i can see to remove them is to manually edit the .php file?

Just remove them using the Delete button in server connect:

Thank you, the one place i didn’t look! Sorry to be a pain, i do try to resolve things before i ask - honestly!