BUG: deleted Globals keep coming back

I had created two previous security providers (registuser and securegistuser) as test and deleted them after some time but they keep coming back. And yes, they are removed from both the local and remote folders (\dmxConnect\modules\SecurityProviders)
How can I flush the guys out of some Wappler memory?


I have opened the config.php and global.php files in the editor and there is no mention of these old security providers files.
Is there a file that tells wappler to populate them despite me deleting them everywhere each morning?


Yes. In the .wappler folder, you would find references to all this per target. Also in the dmxConnect folder too, i think. This was supposedly fixed in one of the latest updates.
Try deleting files for these unused modules and they should not bother you again.

You’re the best!
Found these nasties here: .wappler\targets\remote\files\dmxConnect\modules\SecurityProviders

This issue has not been fixed by the team. But I get it, it’s not that critical, they’re busy working on more important matters.

Fixed in Wappler 5.0.3

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