BS5 Alert Events Not Working

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.22631
  • Wappler Version : 6.5.4

Problem description

On show/shown event doesn't trigger dynamic events:

<div class="alert fade" id="alert_user" is="dmx-bs5-alert" role="alert" type="success" dmx-on:shown-bs-alert="scheduler_closealert.start();browser1.alert('asdasd')" onshown-bs-alert="alert('sss')">
<p>Changes executed!</p>

Also, what happened to this editor, I can't find option to comment snippet / code.

And this forum is getting slower to access.

Anyway I can't get by BS5 Alert to trigger dynamic events.

It was slow for me at first too, but it seems to get faster the more I use it, To me it seems faster now than before. It'll catch up :wink:

A toggle on / off to display the Featured Showcases or not would be nice

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Same as it has always been:

Good for you. Hmm maybe because I'm based in SE Asia and rarely browse it recently, so probably cache issue but it was literally loading for few minutes just now and in few other occasions before. I also had problems downloading updates but if I wait and try later It'll return to normal. I'm on 800mpbs fibre but I understand other factors like latency, ISP issues etc. that might effect the performance. Not a big problem as long as the forum and community is alive and doing great. :grin:

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Thanks I missed it but remember I used to able to highlight the text/code then click on a button on top to wrap it.

Alerts don't have show and shown events, they are probably accidentally added there.

Alerts · Bootstrap v5.3 (