Browser preview issue

Hi Wapplers.

Just getting started on the platform. Followed Ken Truesdale tutorial. But for some reasons, the changes I see on the design panel is not reflected on the browser. Specifically the one involving database and the tabs thingy.

Any possible cause/solution?

Hi @Muhammad_Arif_Ns, welcome aboard.

To be able to help you, we will need to be able to replicate the problem. Please give us the information regarding the steps taken.

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bug (1.1 MB)

Sorry for the late reply. Attached in this reply is the step-by-step recording of the issue. The table appears on the wappler design panel. But the data and table formatting seems broken inside browser.

I am assuming that you have created a content page with index.ejs as the layout page.

If my assumptions are correct, then you need to save index.ejs for the support files to be included in the project.

Not exactly sure what you mean there. Tried to create the tabel on index.ejs.

Got this error initally upon saving on wappler.

After a refresh + Autosave. The error disappear and the table is displayed on the design panel + browser. Does not seem to fix the error on diffrent page I created. (view_car.ejs, bug_recreate.ejs was based on the view_car.ejs)

Currently on the trial version. Perhaps that a possible cause?

No. The trial version is the same as the purchased version.

What I don’t understand is that your port is set at 8100, while you are using NodeJS. The port for NodeJS is usually set at 3000 in Wappler.

I am not familiar with the tutorial, it may be best if we ask @mebeingken (Ken) for a solution.


Oh, I see. I used NodeJs previously to code some react native and vanilla javacript stuff. Anyways, thanks a lot for the help Ben!

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I’ve been stuck here, as well, Muhammad.

What I’ve found is that with NodeJs you have layouts and for each page you can choose a layout. You can either pick this on creation of a new page, or click the pen icon on the page browser left side. If you don’t select a page layout it doesn’t load some of the head elements.

Apparently you need those head elements to load bootstrap and server connect. I don’t know the exact details. But it does seem so that when I experience this issue and set the layout to ‘main’ everything works fine :grin:

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