Browser goto function open in new tab

Is there a way to use browser goto and open the link in a new tab?

How are you using the goto behavior? Is it onclick some how?

Yes, onclick with ‘url?id=’ + data

Why don’t you use an <a> tag with dynamic href for this then?

Is what I desided to do, was just wordering if one could use the browser functions to open new tab if ever needed for future apps. Thanks

No, that is not possible. If you want to use it onclick just use an a tag… That’s what the <a> tags are used for…
Goto behavior should be used for dynamic events - form submit, server action executed etc.

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Create an Anchor Button with a link - go to DOM - A inspector - Target:Blank, finished.

am looking for this: browser.goto but in a new tab.
use case is that on server connect post form submission, need to redirect the user to a URL that should open in a new tab currently browser.goto opens in the same tab.

becuase this redirection is on success event of a form, <a> cannot be implemented here afaik.

how can this be achieved?

Thanks for sharing.

opened a FR

would really prefer a Wappler native way to do this.

The problem with is that a lot of browsers block it as a pop-up.

fair point - having the option would still be nice - even with the caveat.

with chromium i have hardly seen popup block notifs. firefox is more aggressive on that in my experience. so it might not be a problem for most users anyways i suppose.

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Would auto clicking a hidden anchor button with a javascript function also create this just an idea as you could create a function:

function testfunc() {

And then on form success run the function