Browser Component

This is not really a bug, just what I am used to from years of DMXZone components as well as Wappler components, but maybe I am just nuts and imagined it all.

Often Wappler will alter code and add things to the document head automatically when a file is saved and closed and reopened, i am pretty sure I never imagined this, but who knows.

Anyway, if I am using code to copy and paste stuff from one document to another, and lets say i copy

<div is="dmx-browser" id="browser1"></div>

into my page body, however forget to copy the supporting .js library with it, I think on Save, Close, Reopen it used to add the .js file into the head for me. However it does not seem to do that anymore, I have to manually add the supporting .js file manually, or remove and re-add the browser component to make it add the correct codes.

As I say this is NOT a bug, just an observation, and certainly not an expectation, however it would be nice to know if I had previously just imagined the Wappler and DMXZone used to just fix these types of oversights.

Hi Paul,
The JS/CSS files are automatically added when you add the component on the page in the app structure or design view.