Brave Browser Blocking dmxConnect API Calls

refer the screenshot:

am using latest version brave browser on win 10 v1903.
the API call made by website to self URL is getting blocked by Brave Shields.

any ideas what is causing this and how to get past this?

Probably trying to be too smart, this browser sees the link containing “tracking” as something it needs to block…

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lol! that is bad!
will raise this issue with Brave team - see if they can resolve this.
thank you @Teodor

Yes, indeed. I’ve seen the adblocker add-ons doing the same - trying to be smarter than they need to be :slight_smile:

Let say we don’t have control or don’t know of what kind of browser or extension user will use. How to mitigate and handle this issue? For example could we set notification that will show if app connect function is blocked or failed to run correctly?

The browser is not blocking an app connect function. It blocks an URL containing a string tracking as it thinks that’s a tracking script. It could be any url, image source etc. and not related to app connect.
This does not really happen in the most used browsers like Firefox or Chrome, and it’s great that browsers like Brave have a negligible market share.