Branch visibility

Would love to clearer see the currently active git branch while working anywhere in the editor. To go further, even a popup when switching projects, or opening the editor as a reminder of the branch. But at a minimum, a clear static visual (perhaps highlighted) showing the branch. As I switch between several projects, I could really benefit from this as I jump around a lot to meet urgent client needs.

@George I’m not seeing this in 3.4 …any details you can provide?

Hi Ken,
Is the branch menu not working for you?

Hey @Teodor…branch menu works just fine…always has.

The post is about exposing the active branch to be seen regardless of which panel one is working in. It would serve as a reminder to the user that the active branch is MASTER or DEV so they have an easy visual reminder they are in the correct (or incorrect) branch.

The post shows fixed, so I assumed that feature added.

The new feature now is that branches you now create locally are also pushed to the remote and created there if they don’t exist.

Same is also for the used tags - they are also pushed to the remote.

Okay, so unrelated to this request. Love the new stuff guys…thanks!

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