Born to be Wappler ;)

Hi everybody…

I m little sorry in these days I ve been not so much online on this forum because I was very busy.

and because here mostly I post my problems with development hoping in the help of Wappler Team and all the users of this kind community… that know I would like to define “friends” due their willing to cooperate and help.

It’s for that that sometimes instead to post one of my problems and help request, It is my pleasure to share with you the born of my second son…

First to born under the Wappler era :grin::wink:

Dedicated to all the friends of DMX Team and Wappler’s Community!


Congratulations Roberto! You have great sons!

I’m sure they will take over your Wappler business later on :slight_smile:

Enjoy! And take some time off - I’m sure your baby born will need a lot of milk and sleepless nights are coming up - but it is all for the greater good!


Congratulazioni per la nascita di tuo figlio

Thank you for sharing this great moment.

Time for a cognac, salute.

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Grazie mille @ben !!
Cognac… or Russian Vodka :upside_down_face: