Border style not working


I try to add Borders to a container, but nothing happens.
What do I do wrong and why is the Paragraph-Text vice versa?

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I just saw that I did not turn on the line style.
It’s a bit confusing that when I set the thickness of a border that there is no line-style be default!
Even from a usability viewpoint, the ban bottled Icon does not inticate that line-style can be modified there by clicking on it.
Wappler claims that it’s UI is better than Webflows. I cannot absolutely not agree that, it’s mutch more confusing an bad styled. It’s not selfexplaining enough.


I am not sure what is up with the backwards typing. I think that might be something with your computer or keyboard driver. It may be the driver is old and conflicting with some software - such as Wappler. I’m not sure though. That is strange.

In regard to the line selection type, I would keep in mind that Wappler is about to hit V 2.0. I’m not sure about Webflow’s versioning, but they are on year 6 which might be like V 8.0 or something. So with Wappler, that design panel wasn’t there a couple months ago and neither were a ton of other features.

The team at Wappler is doing a tremendous job of adding new features, getting feedback, implementing community suggestions, and so forth. So, it may be more beneficial to just make a new post and give them the suggestion that the No-Border Type Icons should have a dropdown arrow or something next to them so it is clear that you can access them.

That is a great suggestion and they would probably implement quickly. I would keep in mind that Wappler may have a quirk here or there - but you’re going to be hard pressed to find a program that is seeing the rapid development and community-driven approach as Wappler. Plus, it already does entire universe of stuff that Webflow can’t do.

So, you can get frustrated and point out flaws, or you can give valuable feedback that can shape Wappler into the program you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, people are here to help and there are a lot of getting started articles to help break you in easier.


I have also has the backwards typing problem a few times but it seems to be random so have not been able to capture a debug log. I normally find just deleting and re-adding solves it but there is definatley some sort of bug lurking in Wappler regrading that
I note that you don’t use either app connect or bootstrap in you pages, if you were to add them then you may find a compete new world opens up to you.
You are currently only using about 1% of the wappler capability


Ok, thank you guys.
I see the potential, the flexibilty and independency of Wappler which Weblow doesn’t have.

It’s just a little boring to fail on such basic simple task.
But I will keep on testing Wappler :wink:

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If @patrick is checking this then i can add that i initially was going to suggest going into the DOM panel and checking the “Dir” property but changing from Ltr to Rtl etc doesn’t actually seem to change the direction (or i am doing something wrong)