Bootstrap5 from bootstrap4 bs.tooltip error

I have this error:

I have searched for every instance of bs.tooltip and removed them from all of the components.
The error message does not go away so there must be 1 lurking somewhere.

I created several charts in the bs4 version and have not changed or edited them since changing to BS5…
Would this be causing the error.
Or is there something else I need to look at?


Check you dont have both tooltip and pop up js component links added to the page, they can conflict. If so remove the BS popup component link.

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Great, thankyou hyperbytes error sorted after trawling through 20 plus pages and removing tooltips and other references to bootstrap4 components.
However, I have still got a problem with navlist tabs not showing their active state when pages first load.

Doing a global search for bootstrap4 and replacing with boostrap5 solved the problem.