Bootstrap Select - How to add flag images along with text

I want to make a language selection dropdown which has language + image of a flag


I am using “Select” Component so my values are en,es, de etc and Title is English, Espanol, Deutsch etc. But how do i add flags to this. I have svg as well as png


Can you please specify which Bootstrap component are you using exactly?

I’m trying out both BS5 Dropdown and BS5Select , as i am not sure which one will be best. If possible could you please help with both thanks

My understanding is a Dropdown is primarily for menus as each element is a link. Select is for choosing a value for a form input as does not contain an embedded link (href)


Well the select control is a form input. You need to use the Dropdown component here for these purposes. You can add your flag icons there in the <a></a> tags.

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Thank you! this worked perfectly