Bootstrap form generator

I’m following along in the GitHub how to section and learning how to insert data into my database. I can get the whole way through the generator and create the form but the serverconnectform and form group do not appear in my navigation window on right. Hard to continue. Any suggestions?

Hello, maybe you have not included app connect on your page?

I added the database connection, database insert action per the procedure. I assumed the generator added the app connect because it was not described anywhere in the steps. The form generated fine but there are no form groups etc as expected

Well, did you add app connect to your page as per tutorial I sent you?
If no - just add it. Any action on your pages related to calling serverside process requires you to include the App Connect framework first…

OK the tutorial I was using didn’t mention that at all. I’ll start over and add that first. Thanks

That’s why it is better to start with the Basics and How to sections in the documentation.
App Connect is the base for everything related to dynamic data, form submissions, slideshows etc. you do on your pages. It must always be included and it is really easy to add it to your page using the frameworks menu.