Bootstrap Folder won't upload

I have created a new site and index file. I can add the App Connect and Bootstrap frameworks to the file no problem but the Bootstrap Folder will not publish.

Hi Brad,
Is that on a Windows or on Apache server?

Windows server. I have another Wappler site on the same server that works just fine.

I think this could be related to modify permissions on the server.
Maybe @patrick can check what’s wrong :slight_smile:

I can’t see it being server related as I have another Wappler site that works just fine.

Looking at the error message - please use the “Don’t use chmod” option in the project target settings, as chmod makes no sense on Windows server.

I already thought of that. Tried it already. Doesn’t throw an error but it still doesn’t upload.

Is it uploading when you try manually uploading it?

Hmmm, it mysteriously started working. I didn’t do anything different. MAybe my brain is still frazzled from the Adobe Max Keynote. (For those that missed the Adobe Max Keynote this morning; you didn’t miss much)

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Great to hear it’s working now :slight_smile:

Yes, I saw parts of the keynote, not impressed, but didn’t really expect more than what they presented.

Now it seems to have stopped again. Changed Bootstrap Theme and it won't upload them. No idea what the heck is happening.

So, it is not working when you add/change bootstrap theme? What about manually hitting upload?

So, have you tried uploading the folder manually? The errors on your screenshot are not ftp errors.

There is no errors … just the missing files. I’m going to start over from scratch.

My question is - after selecting the folders and clicking upload button - are the files on the remote server or not?

For the record … before I start from scratch. Screenshot shows it is not uploading the BS folder.

Ok, thanks.
We are going to check this in the morning with Patrick.

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It also only creates the dmxappconnect folder but does not add the dmxappconnect.js file to the server.

Upon further testing after starting right from scratch with a new root folder and everything it appears that the files are uploading but Wappler is not seeing them. The do not show up at all in the Wappler file manager remote files. So I checked in Dreamweaver to see if the files are there and they show up in the remote files in Dreamweaver.

So it looks like the files are getting uploaded but Wappler doesn’t see them.