Bootstrap 5 Icons in Wappler


With Bootstrap 5 and their great library of icons, it would be awesome to be able to include it just like FontAwesome is currently included in Wappler! :slight_smile:

To add it, we just need to include their file in our head section:

Also please allow us to select the icon in the Properties panel! :smiley:

Voted. Even though I use FA5 Pro I think this would be a great addition to the current BS5 tools.

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I thought this was already part of Wappler’s implementation of BS5.
This should most definitely be added before BS5 integrations is completed in Wappler. @Teodor Do you guys have this in works?

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Icons are separate frameworks inWappler- but we will add the Bootstrap 5 ones as well indeed, they look good!


Yes they are very good! :slight_smile:

Would love this to fully use BS5

+1 for me on this

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+1 and the form generator

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Bootstrap Icons are now available in Wappler 3.9.5