Bootstrap 4 table generator column type


As stated in the 1.8.2 release notes: “Added new column type field to choose between dynamic attribute binding, inner text expression or custom html as column value.”

I am seeing bind, inner, custom as a dropdown choice. Just so that I can get the terminology right:

Dynamic attribute = a database column for example
Inner text expression = value.toNumber() (so using the wizard icon to transform a text)?
Custom HTML = a text input field?

These are just my guesses. Can anyone give examples of the 3 mentioned types?


Hi Nevil,

bind: the dynamic data will be placed in the table cell like: {{data}}

inner: the dynamic data will placed in the table cell like <td dmx-text="data">

custom: the table cell will keep all the custom HTML inserted in the table cell when editing it, no dynamic data is added to it: <td>add your custom content here<td>