Bootstrap 4 Form Generator Question

I’m a little confused as to how the form generator works.

It seems you need to have a form action already built (for insert, edit, delete, etc). But you can’t build an action for edit, insert or delete without already having a form? So if you already have a form what is the purpose of the generator?

I’m obviously missing something here. :wink:

its easy
create the server action first
then generate the form :grinning:

Well Brad - once you get it you’ll love it!

You need a server connect action first indeed because those are much easier created based on you database structure!

So you create an insert or update server action first and when you choose the db table in your insert / update query and save the query, the global input variables of the server action ($_POST) get auto populated with the same field names as your database column names!

So the CRUD server actions are generated really fast this way! And from them with a single click in the form generator you got your form!!

Power to the generators!

I’ll explore it further today. Thanks

Trying to use the Form Genarator. Although POST values are created when creating the server action, I can not select them when using the Form Generator. Using Windows 10. Attaching screenshot.

Thank you!

Hello Niko,
For insert record form it is not required to bind any values there. This is only needed for update record form, where the data is coming from the details (populate) action.

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Thank you very much Teo

Finally got to try out the form generator … wonderful!