Bootstrap 4 and upload the site to own server

I have a ready page build with bootstrap 4 and now I want to rebulid it with wappler. It is a static page without db and I have some question before use wappler…

  1. Can I use my css and js from the “normal” page for rebuild?
  2. Can I use wappler to include the head, navigation, footer so that I didn’t must copy for each pf the ~ 70 pages the navigation (like a frontend-controller)
  3. I have a own folder of the server - can I upload my wappler-site and does it work?



Yes, of course - Wappler offers easy to use server side include options


Thanks for the answer

I’ve loaded my website in wappler and now I have all my pages as .php - how can I now the include the header and footer as a template and route the navigation-links ? At the moment I have not found a tutorial for this. The pages are saved as php-files and I want set the navigation as include . I Think I must set the navigation into and then? Ho can I set the route?

Please follow the docs about SSI: