Bootbox Prompt - Date and Time

I’d like to use a prompt to collect a datetime entry on button click within an inline flow. It seems that Bootbox only offers support for Date or Time but not datetime. I thought I could nest two prompts so the first collected the date and the second the time but it appears the confirm button doesn’t work on the second prompt.

Other than creating a modal and form, does anyone have any ideas?

Here’s what comes inside the Bootbox.js component in the new Bootstrap 5.

I don’t know which version of Bootbox was installed with Wappler 3.7.0 – but maybe this page will help with a workaround.

Thanks @NewMedia,
The Bootbox prompt in Wappler can do date and time but not datetime. I thought I could do a prompt for date that then opens a second prompt for time but the confirm button on the second one won’t work (i presume there is a clash of whatever selector is used).