Bootbox alerts in flow missing

Did something happen to Bootbox alerts in flows recently? I am coming back to a flow I haven’t touched in a couple weeks and it shows these as Unknown actions.

My code (from a couple weeks ago):

And what the flow shows today:

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 4.25.05 PM

I have come across the same issue when opening previously added Bootbox alerts in page flows. If I save the flow after opening it, the previous code is deleted as well.

Adding to what @guptast has said, this issue is specific to Bootstrap 5, where the team has not handled well in removing and informing.
In the current state of things, from what I see, Bootbox has been removed from new BS5 projects, but older mess like yours is still an issue.

Bootbox options are not available for Bootstrap 5 pages/projects as simply Bootbox does not support Bootstrap 5 -

Is this probably a Bootstrap 4 project, later converted to Bootstrap 5? Or probably you just manually added the Bootbox alert in the code?

The project was started with Bootstrap 5. I manually added Bootbox confirmations in the code (copied over from Bootstrap 4 projects).

I could make changes and save the Page Flow via Editor before, I believe v4.1.0, without any issues. But since upgrading to v4.1.0, no Bootbox options are available in the Page Flow and the complete code gets deleted if Page Flow is saved after opening the editor.

Is there an alternative solution available that replaces bootbox, but works with bootstrap 5, that achieves similar results?

BS5 from the beginning. No manual editing here.

Wondering how you were able to add Bootbox alerts in a BS5 project? Is that a page flow, an app flow or an inline flow you are using?

Please review Bootbox developer answer regarding BS5 support -

Page flow. The alert was added several weeks ago, maybe even a couple months, so perhaps it was allowed in the early days of Wappler 4.

I’ve just gone to add a bootbox confirm to an existing BS4 project which already has one on the page and it’s no longer visible in the page flow actions. I will manually code it for now but has it disappeared from the UI even for BS4 projects?

The existing confirm on that page still works perfectly, though. It’s the UI which is lacking.

Just a side note here, and I am not sure if it makes any difference in your case, but I recently noticed if you have certain flows set up in a Development target they only show up in Development target, while if you are in your Production target those flows are not visible until you switched back to Development. Check to make sure you are seeing the flow in Development versus Production target. This is something that I notice recently, and this might have been how Wappler handle Certain flows for a while now, but I am just now realizing these things.

That’s an interesting find but the project I’m working on only has a single target at the moment so it’s not affected like you suggest.

I added a bootbox confirm to a page some months ago, tried to add another to the same page and the whole section in page flows is missing. But editing the existing confirm is fine.

Stranger Things indeed!

hello everyone! Missing Bootbox on BS4 projects! Any news about it? Thanks!

Implemented in Wappler 4.8.2

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