Big ask... Auto adjust item references

I am working on a project and want to move a whole load of elements (server connects, flows, variables, forms, repeats etc.) into a conditional region but when I move them, all of their references within flows, dynamic events, conditions and repeats are no longer valid because they now sit a further level down the hierarchy. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think there’s an easy way to achieve it. It would be really useful when an item is moved, that any references to that item are updated accordingly to its new location.

This is actually a really big feature request. It would be quite resource intensive to parse the page and update stuff in this manner.
The refreneces to a particular element are also not limited to a single page. In SPA, this gets even complicated.
Better to try and minimize such changes by planning a bit more before-hand.

I too have experienced such situations, and its definitely a complicated process.


While I agree this will make working with Wappler easier, I also agree with what @sid says.

Good planning is really helping with building your app faster/easier.

For example there are things like server actions, variables, flows which can be placed in the root level and you will always reference them the same way.

This will surely improve in the future versions, but for now it works like that :slight_smile:

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I totally appreciate that planning is best and I send a lot of time planning, but you can’t anticipate everything. I understand that it would be a huge task which is why I started with ‘Big ask’. I didn’t expect you to add it in by Thursday (although the speed you seem to be able to add features is astonishing! :clap:), I just want to suggest it for the list.

Surely the feature requests go out and you see how many people would find it useful and then make decisions about practicality, feasibility, resources etc. The suggestion is there for people to vote on.