Better AND|OR Indicator in Query Builder

In Database Query Builder, it is not quite clear if AND is selected or OR. Also, the disabled and enable state have very slight variation. A different colour scheme would be helpful.

Hi @nshkrsh,
What do you suggest, what colors in your opinion should be used there for active/inactive states?

Disabled state: Background colour grey. Similar to colour of ordering arrows. Foreground colour white/dark grey.
Enabled state: Selected item fore/background colour same as current colour of not-selected item. Eg: OR in above image.
Enabled state: Not-selected same as disabled state.



Thanks for your suggestion!

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I think the active STATE must be green and maybe some Check Icon would be helpful. But even now its not so bad!

Green could work too. I was trying not to deviate from current colour scheme.

Will improve it for today’s update, after that you can suggest on how to improve it more


Updated to 1.7.0. UI now improved.

Some background colour would be better for active state. Would look like a button.

Hey @nshkrsh we decided to style these the same way the rest of the UI switches are styled, that is why there is no background color there :slight_smile:

Ok :cool:.