Beta 7 project opens after being closed

Wappler Version : beta 7
Operating System : mac intel big sur
Server Model:
Database Type:
Hosting Type:

Expected behavior

After closing a project and restarting Wappler, the select a project screen should show.

Actual behavior

The project closes properly, but then upon restarting Wappler, the last project opens.

Perhaps related, I can’t open an existing project without Wappler crashing out.

I copied an existing project to a new folder, then added to Wappler projects list after opening the Beta. (317 KB)

Hi Ken, isn’t this the way Wappler has always worked? It has always remembered which project I last used and even files that I had open?

Maybe I’m just not clear on what you mean by ‘closing a project’. Don’t believe I have ever closed a project nor would I know how? Maybe I’m missing out on something.

Ya if you close your project using the menu, then when restarting it will prompt for which project to open.

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I can’t find a ‘Close Project’. Which menu is it in?

Update: Found it and can confirm what you are experiencing.

Fixed in Wappler 4 beta 8

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