Beta 10: Opens SC actions panels at full width by default and there is no `Save` button

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Wow, this topic went off on a tangent…

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This still seems to be missing (from beta 13). Is this not going to be implemented? If not, it will be a sad loss (IMO).

Also, I thought changes were to be made to the Properties panels in SC to make use of the extra space - eg that Query Builder would no longer open in a modal. Are these changes still on the way?

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Unfortunately those features won’t make it in the final, but we will get to them in updates after that.


Well that is going to be disappointing for all those who were so happy with having tabs in server connect, I guess there will not be so much hype now… As for me I think I will continue with the beloved version 3.9.9 for some more time until having to open a new tab that occupies the entire screen every time I edit a server action, close it or switch to the tab I was working on in the Frontend see the changes, if something does not work reopen server action or find the open tab to repeat the process … makes some sense.
Don’t get me wrong, I know it might make sense for some to work this way, but in my experience and personal opinion, it slows down and hinders my daily work.
I think the only thing I’m really going to wish I had is the light theme :unamused:

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What difference does it make being in 4.4.0 or in 4.0.0-b47. It’s just a number.

It will come when it’s ready in the amount of weeks they need to build it.


Don’t forget this isn’t Microsoft they have a small but very powerful team great things take time but the team work very hard on updates for us, this UI update was needed at some point to keep Wappler smooth and clean :slight_smile:

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Not disappointing at all! The UI and SC tabs is huge! Such a clean, quick and fresh UI and being able to work with the left panel closed saving screen real estate is a bonus. If having the query builders in a modal still is the reason for not switching you are denying yourself of some great new features. Especially since the old UI has them in modals anyways. You don’t gain anything by staying with 3.9.9.

I wasn’t on the tabbed SC bandwagon at first either. But I gave it an open minded chance and now I could never go back. As much as it hurts my pride to admit I was wrong, these changes are just the start of great things to come.

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No :poop:, really? hahahhah sorry sarcastic mode turned on.

… Well i think i know that since I have been working with wappler for two years now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Who say i didn’t? I have not used it for professional work but for tests and personal work.

Well that’s the thing, when I do a development I can’t give the client something in half and say “don’t worry in a few months everything will make sense” because in the meantime my client has to work with it.
I understand that until now there were betas but in an official version, in my humble opinion, tabs in server connect do not make sense. If it would make sense as an experimental feature that I can turn off and while working as I have been doing.

I do not want or seek to offend anyone, if you like to work like that good for you, I only express my opinion as you do and if you read my previous post you will see that i have always liked it and I still like Wappler as a product, but that’s what this forum is about, right? to share opinions and help each other of course.


So which part of Wappler 4 do you think is half way done, not sure I understand you? :slight_smile:

All this space here is a work in progress right?
Because if it isn’t, and after reading George’s comments, I don’t see any sense in it at this point, when I could see and interact with the frontend at the same time as I do with the backend… I think it would make sense when there are the other features that George said, but not now.

The space there is server actions in separate tabs - what we added recently and they work exactly as designed.

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Well if the intention by design is only that all the actions of the server are in a tab occupying all the space on the right … it is a great waste of space when it could be used to see the frontend, dont u think?

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t you guys say that the idea of putting the tabs was to then remove the modal windows and even have a split tab? Because I see that as a new feature, but only going to tab mode without any other function … from my side it looks like an unfinished feature.

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Maybe try clicking on some actions to see their properties populated in the blank space.

Anyway if you have any feedback about the tabs editor it might be better of putting it in the right topics about it.

Furthermore we continue with our weekly updates, so new features will be coming as usually and not by next year like usually the case with Microsoft and Adobe.