Beta 1 and the Database Manager - Editing Live Data

Been playing around with the database manager for awhile now. First off the speed at which it retrieves records when editing a table is greatly improved! The new filter works great as well to find a specific record. Well done.

I can see myself possibly using the new tool for adding tables, fields, etc. What database engine is used bt default when creating a table? But not likely to use it for editing actual data.

If I just need to make a simple typo correction in a field it’s quicker to just do it in Navicat. I don’t like having to find the record, edit it, create a change and then upload changes. Seems like too many steps and the list of ‘Changes’ can reach in the 100s and would become unmanageable.

Another thing is running the query only shows 100 results.

Overall, I think, the database manager is a great feature. Well done.

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Oh, one more thing. The table listing needs to be sorted alphabetically. :wink:

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ah forgot about that one :slight_smile: so much new stuff :slight_smile:

Yes, you guys do so freaking much in 7 days. Amazing.